Events (Archives 2020)

    EauMega Online Pre-Conference 7-11 December 2020

    Online Event

    Following the postponement of the Second International Conference "Water, Megacities and Global Change" to December 2021. The Steering and Programme Committees have decided to hold an online pre-conference event from 7 to 11 December 2020.

    Some of the papers selected will be presented by their authors during the pre-conference. However, the special sessions, round tables and other components of the physical conference are postponed until the end of 2021.


    6th Water Loss Forum & Exhibition

    Istanbul, Turkey
    Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology - AKATED TSITT

    The 6th Water Loss Forum & Exhibition to be held in Istanbul will bring together the private sector, municipalities, water administrations and universities to discuss the strategies, planning and financing issues to prevent water losses in Turkey.


    Paris, France
    Division of Water Sciences of UNESCO

    The Second International Conference Water, Megacities and Global Change, also known as EauMega 2021, and organized by the Division of Water Sciences of UNESCO, will be held in December 2021, at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France.

    Following the postponement of the Second International Conference to December 2021, the Steering and Programme Committees have decided to hold an Online pre-conference event from 7 to 11 December 2020.

    All Megacities - urban centers which accommodate more than 10 million inhabitants - are facing major challenges related to providing water services for their...

    4th Mediterranean Water Forum - Postponed

    Qawra, Malta
    Mediterranean Water Institute (IME)


    Originally launched in Marrakesh, Morocco in 2011 and held subsequently in Murcia, Spain in 2014 and Cairo, Egypt in 2018, the Mediterranean Water Forum has been put forth as a regional event that brings together the main stakeholders in the Mediterranean Water Community.

    The Forum aims to present the Mediterranean as a hub of innovative water management responses which have been locally developed or adapted to address the prevailing challenges of the region including those related to climate change impacts.  It will also outline how the...

    Addressing Groundwater Resilience under Climate Change

    online conference
    International Water Resources Association - IWRA

    Currently, climate change has become an undeniable major pressure on the world’s freshwater resources. Yet, the effects of climate change on groundwater, the most significant freshwater resource on Earth, are still poorly understood. Somewhat neglected by policymakers and ignored by the public, groundwater management, governance and monitoring are less developed compared to surface water, globally. More up-to-date research and knowledge generation and sharing, as well as more efforts to raise awareness of the links between groundwater and climate change are also critical to ensure the...

    Brazil Water Week 2020

    The Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering - ABES

    The event will bring together professionals, experts, representatives of the public, private, academic sector from Brazil and all around the world as well as from international organizations to discuss water and related issues, address challenges and share lessons learned and good practices within the main theme associated to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, “CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION FOR ALL BY 2030”.

    Loïc Fauchon, President of the World Water Council will address the audience at the Opening Session together with other esteemed speakers, including Benedito Braga, President of SABESP...

    Cairo Water Week 2020

    Cairo, Egypt
    Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation - MWRI

    A secure water world is emerging as a top human development priority on the sustainable development agenda. To this end, Cairo Water Week 2020, is marking this year’s version of CWW series of conferences, with the theme “Water Security in Arid Regions” the Road to Dakar 2021, emphasizing how water is an essential asset to all aspects of our lives including livelihood, health, economy and environment. 



    2nd Asia International Water Week Postponed

    Bali, Indonesia
    Asia Water Council - AWC

    AWC plans to promote the 2nd AIWW at the various global water events.

    Posponed to 2021.

    New date TBC.

    Water and Peace conference

    Global Water Alliance - GWA

    Promoting Security through Equitable Policy, Governance and Technology

    All people and every ecology share a stake in the proper management of water to safeguard supply quality, fair access, and peace. A history of water use without proper planning and stakeholder involvement has led to global conflict and inequity, especially in regions of water scarcity, drought, natural disaster, pollution, or social/political turmoil. This conference will convene local, national, and international water professionals and researchers/students to discuss “water, sanitation, and hygiene” (WASH) strategies...

    Korea International Water Week 2020

    EXCO, Daegu Metropolitan City
    Korea Water Forum

    The main theme of the 2020 edition is "Sustainable Water Management for Humans and Nature".