King Hassan II Great World Water Prize

    Grand Prix Hassan II

    The Hassan II World Water Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized awards. It helps to raise awareness and take concrete steps to promote the cause of water.


    Created jointly by the Kingdom of Morocco and the World Water Council, this Prize pays tribute to the memory of His Majesty the late King Hassan II and his strategic vision for the sustainable and integrated management of his country’s water resources, by addressing the security of the Kingdom’s water.

    The prize is awarded every three years at the opening ceremony of the World Water Forum. On this occasion, a trophy and a certificate are awarded to the laureate who enjoys international recognition and visibility. As such, the value of the prize is increased from USD 100,000 to USD 500,000 by the High Will of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.


    The Organization for the Development of the Senegal River, winner of the 7th edition


    For this 7th edition, the Organisation pour la mise en valeur du fleuve Sénégal (OMVS) won the prestigious Grand Prix Mondial de l'Eau Hassan II, at the 9th World Water Forum in Dakar.

    Created in 1972 by Mali, Mauritania and Senegal, this intergovernmental organization was joined in 2006 by Guinea.
    Its mission is to manage the Senegal River watershed, which covers an area of 289,000 km2. 

    The OMVS plays an exemplary role since it acts not only in favour of the realization of water, food and energy security of the great border basin of the Senegal River, but above all it promotes peace, the prosperity and territorial development of its member countries,” stressed Nizar Baraka, Morocco’s Minister of Equipment and Water.

    After Kyoto in 2003, Mexico City in 2006, Istanbul in 2009, Marseille in 2012, Daegu-Gyeongbuk in 2015 and Brasilia in 2018, the Prize was awarded for the seventh time at the 9th World Water Forum in Dakar, Senegal, on 21 March 2022.




    Nominations for the King Hassan II Great World Water Prize are currently closed.



    Any additional supporting document related to the specific theme of this edition, i.e. «Water security in territories for sustainable development and food security», may be attached to the candidate’s file and will be considered at the final selection stage by the Panel of Judges.


    The Prize may be awarded to either an individual, a group of individuals, an institution or an organization recognized by the Jury members as having a major through any project, initiative, innovative experience or research work or project to develop new approaches or techniques to ensure water security and climate justice. The contribution may be scientific, economic, technical, environmental, social, institutional, cultural or political.
    The evaluation of the application will be based on the following selection criteria:
    • The King Hassan II Great World Water Prize rewards the candidate’s excellency and distinguished achievements in the fields relating to the specific theme of the Prize.
    •  Such excellency can assume the form of either an enduring work or the performance of an outstanding one- off achievement.
    No preference will be given to the candidate’s nationality, sex, language, profession or religion.


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