A worldwide network


    Be part of a unique network of members involving different sectors, regions, disciplines and professional fields with wide ranging expertises and interests.

    Members of the World Water Council

    Our members represent over 250 organizations in more than 50 countries across 5 continents.

    Their organisations are classified into five different colleges: Intergovernmental institutions (college 1), Government and Government promoted organizations (College 2), Commercial organizations (College 3), Civil society organizations (college 4), Professional and academic organizations (college 5).

    Our members help build the World Water Council's strategy and shape its programs by taking an active part in its various working bodies.

    Our members elect the Board of Governors.

    Board of Governors of the World Water Council

    Our Board of Governors is represented by 36 member organisations that are proportionally distributed across the World Water Council's five colleges.

    Our Board of Governors oversees the World Water Council general operations, missions and values and guides its activities. Governors ensure proper use of budgets and appropriate implementation of programmes.

    The Board of Governors elects the President.

    Bureau of the World Water Council

    Our President will choose his Bureau members which include his Vice-President and four Board members.

    Our Bureau is responsible for assisting our Board of Governors in preparing, implementing and executing the World Water Council's strategy voted during our General Assembly.