The World Water Council is an international organization that promotes sustainable water management worldwide. It has 260 member organizations, which come from 52 countries across 5 continents, including governments, non-governmental organizations, businesses, professional networks and research institutes.

    Every three years, the World Water Council organizes the World Water Forum with more than 20,000 participants from all over the world.

    The World Water Council multicultural and dynamic headquarters in Marseille, France, employs highly motivated people and is looking for a Project Officer on Political Initiatives.


    Working time: 100% 
    Venue: Headquarters of the World Water Council, Marseille, France

    Mobility: frequent international travel

    Hierarchy: Cabinet of the President
    Working languages: English and French
    Similar international experience of at least 10 years required


    Within the President's Cabinet authority, and in relation with the Forum Director, the Project Officer on Political Initiatives  is responsible of the following tasks.

    1. Implement the political agenda of the World Water Council and the 10th World Water Forum.
    2. Initiate partnerships, coordinate, organize and/or support steering, and participate in events and meetings of international, national and local bodies related to the preparatory process and the implementation of the 10th World Water Forum policy segments.
    3. Support the World Water Council team and build effective working relationships with Host Country organizers in preparation for the 10th World Water Forum.
    4. Initiate, coordinate and ensure compliance with commitments made with partners in the 10th World Water Forum political process, and the Council in general.


    This includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks:

    • Prepare concept notes, minutes, correspondence, language elements, draft agreements and miscellaneous documents to support partnerships, explain the Council’s contexts and positions on the various segments concerned: Ministerial, Parliamentary, Basins, local authorities.
    • Initiate, organize and/or support the steering and concrete organization of events.
    • Analyse the elements and documents provided by the various international organizations and bodies, leaders and stakeholders of the 10th World Water Forum political process.
    • If necessary, oversee external contributions, consultants and/or subcontractors hired to contribute to the preparation and implementation of the 10th World Water Forum policy process.
    • Communicate with Council stakeholders, members, elected officials and partners, as well as the Council Policy Initiatives Forum organizing team.
    • Report periodically on the progress and results of its activity by providing notes, reports and any type of document that may be requested


    The best candidate will provide :

    • Relevant master’s degree or higher qualification (in sciences, social or political sciences or humanities).
    • - A minimum of 10 years' experience at an international level.
    • - Proven ability to work on a wide variety of tasks, activities and projects.
    • - A rigorous approach to work. 
    • - A proven ability to work effectively in real time.
    • - Excellent use of French and English. 
    • - Ability to work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team.
    • - Excellent software and computer skills and the use of a wide variety of digital tools.
    • - Availability for international travel



    Interested candidates who meet the selection requirements are requested to send their curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation in English. This letter should explain the candidate’s experience with carrying out the above tasks and his/her fulfillment of the specified qualifications. The candidates need to present the names and contact details of 3 references, including one recent employer. Applications can only be done through e-mail and should be sent (no later than 30 June 2023) to:


    Dr. Valerie Bistagne, Secretary General of the World Water Council