Water Security & Resilience

    Water security


    The Task Force on Water Security and Resilience acts as a hydro-diplomatic platform of multilateral exchanges to prevent, adapt and mitigate water insecurities. 

    The Task Force draws valuable lessons from experience of the past to shape the present governance model, adapted to environmental or local circumstances. It envisions the future by taking action to prevent and build resilience to changes in the water cycle and potential disasters.

    Water is a catalyst for health, well-being, and a sustainable and risk-resilient world for all. This Task Force focuses on two main areas, security, and resilience. Water security refers to the availability of an adequate quantity and quality of water to sustain socioeconomic development, livelihoods, health, and ecosystems everywhere. Moreover, water resilience refers to the ability of water systems to adapt to future stresses and to recover from tensions and pressures. 

    Based on these definitions, the Task Force strives to ensure that access to water and sanitation is recognized worldwide as a fundamental right by the international community. It also encourages an adapted and equitable governance of water resources, considering geographical and political specificities to enhance global water security. Finally, it explores solutions to upscale responses and adaptation measures for disaster risk reduction and mitigation to strengthen communities’ resilience against climate risks. 

    Strategic Actions

    • Improving economical and intensive use of water resources in all sectors: raising agricultural water use efficiency, reducing industrial wastewater emission and decreasing water leakage and loss in urban areas.
    • Achieving balance between development and carrying capacity of water resources
    • Use an integrated approach to water governance
    • Disseminate the concept of river as a living entity
    • Reinforcing resilience against water-related disasters
    • Engaging future generations
    • Building multilateral exchange platform on water security
    • Mainstreaming Water Security and Resilience in the 10th World Water Forum