Observatory on Non-Conventional Water Resources & Associated Renewable Energies

    Observatory of known


    To promote the sharing of information and know-how on the use of non-conventional water resources and the associated renewable energies.


    The concept idea for the feasability study of a Global Observatory on Non-Conventional Water Resources & Associated Renewable Energies has been set up by the World Water Council in collaboration with the Mediterranean Water Institute.

    These specific themes are addressed through a cross-cutting approach under the different aspects of:

    • funding governance
    • institutional and functional organization
    • global demographic and climatic evolutions
    • impacts on the environment and biodiversity
    • the right to water and its related law

    A first phase would be to develop a pilot of the project in the Sahelo-Mediterranean area where several countries are united by the resort to unconventional water resources and renewable energies to meet their needs.

    A following second phase would focus on a potential worldwide expansion. The Observatory will on one side bring together and synthesize all the data already available and on the other collect additional data.

    The feasibility study has been carried out in two phases to further specify and detail the targeted missions of the Observatory, the partnerships to be developed and the financial means to be mobilized. The results of first phase was presented at the 4th Mediterranean Water Forum in Malta (December 2021) whereas a more detailed report was showcased at the 9th World Water Forum in DAKAR (March 2022).

    Further work will be conducted in order to be presented during the 10th World Water Forum.