Financing Water

    Water financing

    Through critical reflection, this Task Force provides fertile ground for working on a much-needed paradigm shift in water financing, a crucial imperative for global water security. The  Task Force is also exploring avenues to enhance effectiveness and increase investments.

    Since 2003 and the Camdessus report, the Council has continuously identified financing water as a priority area where it believes it can harness the expertise and experience of members to work with partners to uphold the profile of water in relation to economic development, finance and investment.

    Achieving clean, safe, affordable water and sanitation for all while leaving no one behind   necessitates a substantial capital investment, projected to be three to five times higher than the current investment levels.

    The question remains on how to accelerate the pace to deliver on our collective ambitions. Moving forward requires better allocation of existing resources, along with an increase in public financing. However, the challenge also demands new sources of funding, whether from international development banks, private sector, climate funds and civil society among others.

    This implies a paradigm shift fed by an enabling environment and institutions capable of coping with the challenge, while also incorporating innovation as a fundamental element of the equation.

    The Task Force on Financing Water (TFFW) is committed to addressing water financing challenges, looking for an increased and improved quality of investment in the sector.

    In this regard, members of this Task Force will strive to foster critical thinking, facilitate the exchange of knowledge, and actively seek partnerships to identify solutions and guide actionable initiatives.

    The Task Force on Financing Water will build on the work carried out in the previous mandates. It will continue addressing issues that are hindering investments in water and working on concrete solutions on how to overcome them to eventually unlock the necessary funding to effectively ensure safe and clean water and sanitation for all.

    Strategic Actions

    • Highlight the multidimensional importance of the water sector and the urgent need to address the existing financing gap.
    • Develop information reports and tools on opportunities to guide water sector financial investment, focusing on investment barriers.
    • Generate discussions with an action-oriented approach.