Become a member

    Become a member

    The World Water Council’s mission is to bring together the international community and raise political awareness on water’s vital role in building a sustainable and fair future for people and the planet.

    Membership of the World Water Council is open to any organisation with an interest in water issues that accepts this mission and the objectives as defined in our Constitution and By-laws and triennial strategy.

    The membership application procedure is as follows:

    1. Fill in and return form

    Return the membership application form duly completed and signed along with your logo and some additional information on your organisation, such as a brochure or a description of its water-related activities or any other document you may feel is relevant for your application.

    Send the information to the WWC Headquarters at

    2. Confirmation of receipt

    The Council Headquarters will send you confirmation of receipt of these documents. Your application will be submitted to our Bureau for review and forwarded to our Board of Governors for approval. In case the information you have supplied is insufficient, the Headquarters will contact you.

    3. Acceptance

    Notification of acceptance will be sent to you following the decision of the Board of Governors, along with the invoice for your membership fees.

    4. Activation

    Your organisation will officially become a member of the Council upon the payment of your membership fees.


    Are you ready? Let's get started:

    Download the application form


    Why become a WWC member?

    All World Water Council members enjoy the same rights, benefits and equal vote in strategic decisions. More about WWC membership benefits.


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