Strategy and thematic programs

    Among the missions of the World Water Council, leading working groups is one of the organization's main activities. The working groups of the World Water Council are made up of its members. They are organized around a key thematic issue and produce different reflection materials, scientific documentation, working documents, to guide, support and assist the different stakeholders in the water community in their decisions.

    Every mandate, all Task Forces are reviewed. Some are replaced to address the most relevant needs within the Water sector. Additionally, they can respond to urgent concerns, such as building resilience to epidemics or climate change. 

    These task forces are composed of experts coming from very diverse areas such as academia, professional organizations, intergovernmental bodies, civil society, the private sector, and government entities. The diversity in their profiles enrich the perspectives, enabling a comprehensive approach to each theme and, ultimately, offering innovative solutions to context-specific challenges. 

    Members of the WWC Task Forces actively engage in numerous international events, contributing with their work and helping advance the Water agenda. 

    The 2023-2025 mandate Task Forces are: 

    Water Security and Resilience 

    Water for Humans and Nature 

    Financing Water 

    Water Quality and Health 

    Observatory on Non-Conventional Water Resources and Associated Renewable Energies.