Youth Delegates


    Youth Delegates appointed by the World Water Council’s Board of Governors for the 2023-2025 mandate are:


    AMERICAS - Sofia Corradi Oliveira, 27 Years Old, Brazil 

    Sofia Corradi is a Brazilian Ph.D. student in Analysis and Modeling of Environmental Systems, researching the impacts of environmental restoration allocation on ecosystem services of water, carbon, and biodiversity. She is also a specialist in Geoprocessing and holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

    ASIA - Achmad Solikhin, 30 years old, Indonesia

    Being motivated by water's pivotal role in agrifood systems, albeit sometimes overlooked, Achmad Solikhin has made concerted youth efforts, striving to deliver science-based evidence for transforming the unsustainable water use in agrifood systems. Through the World Water Council (WWC), he anticipates embodying the measures to be sustainable, resilient, and inclusive for altruism through water-agrifood literacy.

    AFRICA - Kirk Enu, 29 years old, Ghana

    Kirk Enu is a doctoral student at the Technical University of Munich. In his thesis, he explores ways for the effective conservation and management of water-related ecosystems for mitigating flood risk.
    He is also interested in how same can be leveraged to improve the quality of life in cities.

    EUROPE - Luca Jendrek, 28 years old, Hungary

    Luca Jendrek is a young water professional from Hungary, skilled in International Relations by diploma but an environmentalist by heart. She is engaged in several youth advocacy projects that aim to mitigate the climate crisis and she is working in Spain for the conservation of the Mediterranean Sea.


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