Membership fees

    Membership fees

    Membership fees contribute to the financial autonomy of the World Water Council and enable the effective operations and development of its activities and Forum preparations.

    Membership fees:

    Membership to the World Water Council is subject to the payment of its annual membership fees.

    Fees are calculated:

    On the amount of your GDP if your organisation is in college 2

    On the amount of your annual budget if your organization is in other colleges

    This enable all types of organizations to become a member of the World Water Council and ensure that all voices are heard.

    See below for more details:


    Annual Budget





    College 1
    Intergovernmental institutions

    € 330.75

    € 992.25

    € 1,323

    € 2,205

    College 4
    Civil society organizations
    College 5
    Professional and academic organizations
    College 3
    Commercial organizations

    € 827

    € 1,102.5

    € 2,205

    € 3,307.5

    GDP per capita





    College 2
    Government and government promoted organizations

    € 661.5

    € 992.25

    € 1,653.75

    € 2,205


    Membership Solidarity Fund

    The Membership Solidarity Fund was established in January 2004.

    It aims to provide organizations which have limited financial means an opportunity to be or to remain members of the World Water Council.

    The subsidies granted can reach up to 50% discount on the total amount of the membership fees for the year.

    Eligible applicants must duly complete and sign the application form in order to justify their request. The Bureau allocates the subsidies based on type and origin of applicants, their motivation and their availability of funds