Events (Archives 2015)

    Climate is Water

    Nelson Mandela Auditorium, Climate Generations Areas, Le Bourget – Paris (France)
    Alliance for Global Water Adaptation - AGWA on behalf of the #ClimateIsWater Initiative
    To elevate water in the climate debate at the political level during this important event and for years to come, the World Water Council, together with over a dozen members of the international water community, is launching an initiative to communicate with a single voice that our future relies on effectively addressing the relationship between water and climate: #ClimateIsWater. WWC calls its members to learn more about the initiative and to join by sharing your events and actions.


    Climate and Water converge on 2 December

    This initiative will organize a “Water Day” at the Le Bourget site...

    COP 21

    Paris-Le Bourget site (France)
    United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP

    France will chair and host the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11), from 30 November to 11 December 2015. The conference is crucial because the expected outcome is a new international agreement on climate change, applicable to all, to keep global warming below 2°C.

    7th General Assembly of the World Water Council

    Marseille, France
    World Water Council

    The General Assembly is the opportunity for all members of the World Water Council to influence the strategic orientation of the organization by voting policies and programs. It is also the occasion for members to elect the representatives of the Board of Governors for a term of three years, approve the triennial budget, and adopt the work program and By-Laws.

    A total of 35 Governors representing 5 colleges of members are elected during the General Assembly. During the 7th General Assembly, the members of the World Water Council will:

    • Adopt the work program of the Council for the next...

    29th ANEAS Annual Convention and Expo

    Chihuahua, Mexico
    Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Agua y Saneamiento de México - ANEAS
    One of the most important events in Latin America regarding the water and sanitation field, where national and international experts, entrepreneurs, policymakers and academics come together. 

    The Annual Convention and Expo, is organized by the National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities of Mexico (ANEAS) has an attendance over 4,000 participants and 400 products suppliers and inputs for companies engaged in water sector. 

    With a program based on lectures, panel discussions, courses, workshops, side events, business meetings and technical visits; companies and water utilities...

    Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW)

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    International Water Association (IWA)

    The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is the platform for new alliances and fresh ideas: connecting industry, science, business, policy and technology. The event crosses borders between water and sanitation, deltatechnology, food, agriculture, finance and governance. Thus bringing together a unique mix of professionals conducive to the transition to a circular economy and resilient cities.

    Water and Development Congress & Exhibition

    King Hussein bin Talal convention centre, Jordan
    International Water Association (IWA)

    Water Security for Sustainable Growth Water is one of the most critical issues facing the world today, with developing and emerging countries facing some of the biggest challenges. The Water and Development Congress & Exhibition brings together thought leaders and decision makers from within and outside the water sector to address the key issue of ‘Water Security for Sustainable Growth’. Organised by the International Water Association (IWA) in Jordan from 18 – 22 October, the Congress features a range of topics and a diverse set of viewpoints from global water leaders. Agenda setting Keynote...

    The Water Rooms

    Auditorium of the Italian Pavilion inside Expo Milan, Italy
    UN WWAP Secretariat, UNESCO
    “The Water Rooms” is an awareness raising itinerary composed by five short animated movies and five monologues that together translate complex scientific, cultural and ethical messages on water resources management into concepts within everyone’s reach. 
    The event contributes to the celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of UNESCO and to the United Nations “The Zero Hunger Challenge ∙ United for a sustainable world” for Expo.

    Please note that the session will start at 18:30.

    18th International River Symposium

    Brisbane Convention Center, Brisbane, Australia
    International River Foundation
    The theme for the 2015 International Riversymposium “Healthy Rivers – Healthy Economies” is a wonderful opportunity to engage with the multitude of businesses and organisations who contribute to and benefit from the wise management of rivers and their catchments. Water has risen high on the business agenda and a decline in freshwater quality and quantity was judged the greatest risk facing the globe at the 2015 World Economic Forum. The contribution that healthy rivers make to our economies and wellbeing is extraordinary, but often taken for granted.


    The 2015 Riversymposium will...