agenda : CoP25

    Madrid, Spain
    UNFCCC (UN Climate Change)

    Climate change increases the intensity and frequency of natural disasters and water-related extreme events. Addressing water issues is key to adapting to climate change and reducing the negative impacts of water-related disasters. But water is also critical for successful climate change mitigation. During the UNFCCC COP25in Madrid this December, the World Water Council will be actively involved, together with key partners, in highlighting the essential role of water as a crucial resource to achieve and implement the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. The World Water Council will be co...

    news : Toilets: still a luxury for many

    Today is World Toilet Day. It’s not a joke.

    Around the world, 4.2 billion people – more than twice the global population – live without safely managed sanitation (1). 

    Access to sanitation is a human right and part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This means that by 2030, open defecation must end, and everyone must have access to toilets, for improved dignity and living conditions.

    news : Cairo Water Week: World Water Council takes on role of whistleblower, solution provider and mediator

    WWC announces promotion of International Observatory on Unconventional Water and Energy Resources 

    In Cairo, Loic Fauchon and the World Water Council restate publicly their availability for hydrodiplomacy efforts and announce the creation of an International Observatory on Unconventional Water and Energy Resources.

    news : Marrakesh International Summit on Water Security: WWC calls for dignity and trust

    Marrakesh, Morocco, 1 October 2019 – “Very often, water suffers bad treatment. Why is this? All of you here know!” World Water Council President Loïc Fauchon said at the Opening Ceremony of the International Summit on Water Security, in the presence of 300 participants from 65 countries. 

    “Because demography is growing and the world’s population is more and more concentrated within cities, especially megacities with its trail of poverty and frightening pollution,” he continued. 

    news : New steps in WWC marathon to overcome world’s water challenges

    Three major topics, dozens of concrete proposals

    Marseille, France, 11 September 2019 - Through the presence of its President Loic Fauchon, the World Water Council has continued its worldwide engagement to raise political awareness on emerging water issues. For two weeks, the Council President carried the Voice of Water to major international and regional gatherings and met high-level politicians and decision-makers from around the world to push for higher consideration of water challenges in the global agenda. 



    It was in the same venue as the 7th World Water Forum in Daegu, Republic of South Korea, that, today, the 4th Korea International Water Week (KIWW) provided an opportunity to review the important progress that has been made on the international water agenda since 2015. Carrying the theme “Sustainable Water Management for Humans and Nature”, WWC President Loïc Fauchon applauded the organizers for bringing into the spotlight the need for this essential balance. 

    news : Too much money… And nothing for water!?

    There are large pools of capital for investments that could be used for ambitious water projects. It’s up to political leaders to be bold and embrace practical responses. We, all of us, want to show them the way.

    23 August 2019, Stockholm, Sweden – “A strong signal of commitment needs to come from all levels of political governance to set the tone and increase financing flows for water resources security and management.” This is the message World Water Council President Loic Fauchon will share with leaders of the water community and decisionmakers during World Water Week.