news : Senegal and the United-States: new stages in the World Water Council’s political Marathon

    “So that water does not remain a lower priority, let us mobilize everyone so that no one is left behind.” This is the meaning of the true marathon undertaken by Loïc Fauchon, President of the World Water Council and his team over the past three weeks. No less than 14 ministers were met face-to-face in Africa, particularly in Niamey, Ouagadougou and Dakar.





    news : Water security for world security

    World Water Council President Loic Fauchon revealed the Council’s four overarching priorities for the coming years at UNESCO’s International Water Conference “Leveraging Intersectorality for Sustainable Water Security and Peace”.

    The priorities are complementary to the Council’s triennial strategy and will steer the organization’s activities throughout the next two years.

    news : World Water Council in Washington DC

    On April 4, President Loïc Fauchon and Honorary President Benedito Braga were received by Mrs. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. They discussed the need to approach water financing inter-sectorally, ensuring that investment provides multiple benefits not only for water and sanitation delivery, but also for nutrition, electricity, health and education. They also discussed the important role of good governance and pricing reform in the water sector.

    news : 81st African Water Association’s Scientific and Technical Council Meeting

    President Loic Fauchon delivered a speech at the 81st African Water Association’s Scientific and Technical Council Meeting on 1 April in Rabat.

    The meeting organized under the theme "Financing, Cooperation and Capacity Building, Levers for Improving Access to Drinking Water and Sanitation Services in Africa" was the opportunity for the President of the  World Water Council to present strategic objectives for the mobilization of African stakeholders and resources on the way to the 9th Forum.

    news : 1st WASAG Forum held in Cabo Verde

    What better place to hold the 1st WASAG International Forum on Water Scarcity in Agriculture than on a small island developing state that receives only about 260mm of rain per year? Cabo Verde, its prime minister, members of cabinet and national parliament welcomed 200 participants from around the world in Praia from 19 to 22 March. The event, including a celebration of World Water Day, was also supported by FAO, IFAD, and the Governments of Italy and Switzerland.