On the road to Dakar! "An exceptional opportunity for Africa to place water at the centre of public, technical and political action", Loïc Fauchon

    On 22 March 2021, World Water Day and a symbolic date for the 9th World Water Forum in Dakar, which should have opened on D-365 days before its postponement to 2022, the Ministry of Water and Sanitation of Senegal and the Secretariat of the 9th Forum, in collaboration with the World Water Council, have seized the opportunity to bring together all the stakeholders in a series of virtual webinars.

    The objective was to exchange and share the mid-term results of the preparatory process of the Forum, to mobilize stakeholders again on the new roadmap of the next Forum and on the new challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Loïc Fauchon's 3 speeches as a roadmap for the 9th Forum


    • Opening Ceremony: The countdown to the 9th World Water Forum is on!


    The opening ceremony of the World Water Day aimed to kick off the countdown to the 9th World Water Forum at D-365. It was also an opportunity to mobilize and raise awareness among political actors of the urgency to act, before and after the Forum, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Loïc Fauchon, President of the World Water Council, addressed all the participants:

    In fact, it is every day that we should celebrate the values and virtues of water. "And during the coming year, it is every day that we will say how important this great gathering of women and men is for water and for the planet. "
    "...we must give people access to balanced development and sustainable growth, and at the same time protect and enhance nature. "
    "Securing water is simply a harmonious combination of technological innovation and political will. "

    > Watch Loïc Fauchon's speech at the opening ceremony in french and in english.


    • Special session dedicated to the mobilization of Africa

    his session aimed to catalyse the action of the different African actors towards the 9th World Water Forum and in particular to prepare the political process at different levels.

    Loïc Fauchon, spoke about the situation in Africa and conveyed a strong message:

    Let's break down the walls that today separate communities, sometimes ideas. Let us create stretches of water that bring people together, that unite, that fertilize our future. "Let Africa's water determine its own future.

    > Watch Loïc Fauchon's intervention at the Special Session dedicated to the mobilisation of Africa in french et in english

    > Watch the video of the "Mobilizing Africa" Seminar


    • Webinar ont the mobilisation of Sénégal

    This webinar aimed to share the main orientations and progress of the 9th World Water Forum, to exchange on the challenges of the Forum and to encourage the participation of national actors.

    Loïc Fauchon, once again brought strong messages in favor of the country which is co-organising the future Forum:

     We want to transpose the solutions that we know of throughout the world into answers that can change the daily lives of those who do not have access to water. It is for them that we are working and it is for them that Senegal and the World Water Council must work hard for a year to make a forum of answers. "


    "And if Senegal, on the one hand, has experienced all the difficulties, it will now show that it knows the solution and the answers and these responses will be shown to the whole world"

    "There are also important achievements in terms of non-conventional resources. I mentioned desalination earlier, but tomorrow's world will also evolve towards the reuse of wastewater. This will undoubtedly be the most novel solution, but also the most important one, for the world's cities and also for the cities of Senegal, once the sanitation problems of Greater Dakar have been solved. "

    > Watch Loïc Fauchon's intervention at the Webinar on the mobilization of Senegal in french and in english.


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