The World Water Council is an international multistakeholder platform organization whose mission is to mobilize action on critical water issues at all levels, including the highest decision-making level, by engaging people in debate and challenging conventional thinking. The Council focuses on the political dimensions of water security, adaptation and sustainability.

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    World Water Council Pavilion Agenda at the 10th World Water Forum

    Located at BNDCC 1, our pavilion is your hub for a dynamic week filled with insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and engaging events hosted by our esteemed members. Throughout the week...

    11th World Water Forum: Saudi Arabia and Riyadh to host the 11th World Water Forum in 2027

    The Governors of the World Water Council have elected Saudi Arabia and Riyadh as the host for the 11th World Water Forum in 2027. Saudi Arabia and Riyadh's plan to host the 11th World Water Forum in...

    General Information of the winner organization of Kyoto World Water Grand Prize 2024

    Winner organization: Youth Sanitation Concern Project Area: Bandar Lampung, Lampung Province, Indonesia Winner organization’s Instagram account URL link. Reason for selection:The organization has been...

    Successful 5ᵉ Mediterranean Water Forum in Tunis: Towards Sustainable Management of Water Resources

    The 5ᵉ Mediterranean Water Forum, held in Tunis from February 5 to 7, 2024, was a landmark event, bringing together more than 2,800 participants from 35 countries around the theme "Together for the...

    Success for the 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting

    The 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting of the 10th World Water Forum was successfully held in Bali, Indonesia on 12–13 October 2023. Agreements and proposals were produced and will be finalized at...

    10th Roundtable on Financing Water: Regional meeting on Africa

    During his speech at the tenth round table on water financing: regional meeting on Africa on November 22 and 23, 2023 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, the president of the World Water Council, Loic Fauchon...

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    OPENING-UP INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: to include Energy, Food, Health and Education.

    The objectives of this report are to identify and analyze key success...

    Triennal Strategic Framework - 2023-2025

    With a view to enhance the World Water Council’s substantive and...

    Quadrennial report 2022


    Membership of the World Water Council is open to any organisation with an interest in water issues that accepts the missions and objectives of the World Water Council as defined in its Constitution and By-laws