[4/4] World Conservation Congress: Working meetings

    With international personalities

    On the sidelines of the World Conservation Congress, WWC President Loïc Fauchon met with a number of international personalities, including
    Mr Nasser Kamel, Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean
    Professor Kenzo Hiroki, Special Envoy of the State of Japan
    Ms Bérengère Abba, French Secretary of State to the Minister for Ecological Transition, in charge of Biodiversity

    [1/4] The WWC is involved in the World Conservation Congress

    To make water the commitment of all !


    From 3 to 11 September, more than 1400 governmental, civil society and indigenous peoples organizations gathered at the World Conservation Congress in Marseille, which is also the city of the headquarters of the World Water Council (WWC), to define priorities and guide actions for conservation and sustainable development.