[2/4] World Conservation Congress: Opening plenary

    Loïc Fauchon invited to opening and closing of the plenary on Freshwater:

    "Our Freshwater Global Risk-Taking Actions to Reverse the Trend"


    Among the 7 themes of the congress, "Freshwater" is at the heart of many IUCN conferences. 

    The opening plenary, which took place on Saturday 4 September at 11:00 am, brought together various renowned speakers, including Loïc Fauchon, President of the World Water Council, who had the honour of opening and closing this session.


    "The future of water is intimately linked to the future of mankind, but also to the future of Nature. After the time of plundering, the time of sharing is now needed. A harmonious sharing between domestic, agricultural and industrial uses, a realistic and thoughtful sharing between Man and Nature.

    To guarantee equitable sharing, a fundamental change in thinking is essential
    " explained Loïc Fauchon.


    He went on to say that: "Political, economic and social systems will gradually have to place Nature at the heart of the decisions to be taken on climate and demographic issues. Moreover, the universal right to water will also be guaranteed by securing aquatic ecosystems through what we now call Nature Based Solutions (NBS)”.



    He also mentioned: The urgent need for access to water is to take into account the demographic pressure with the rapid growth of the world's population. With tensions and conflicts due to urbanisation, to these megacities that are the monsters of the 21st century.

    But also urbanization on the shores of seas and oceans, and rivers and lakes, with pollution and water poisoning


    In conclusion, the WWC President stated that: "Action is essential, collective, sustainable but above all equitable. Action must be based on values of solidarity and sharing. And on legitimate, simple and reachable objectives."


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