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    Cairo Water Week - Annonce d'un Observatoire International des Ressources en Eau et en Energie Non Conventionnelles

    Cairo Water Week, Le Caire, Egypte, 20-22 Octobre 2019

    Opening Ceremony of the 3rd World Irrigation Forum, Speech by Loic Fauchon, Bali, 2 September 2019

    “What capacity do we have in responding collectively to today’s challenges, and more importantly in feeding 10 billion people tomorrow?” This was the question that World Water Council President Loïc...

    Too much money… And nothing for water!?


    Dakar, Senegal, 20-21 June 2019. The kick-off meeting for the 9th edition of the world’s largest event on water marks the beginning of a 2-year preparatory process which will lead all the way up to...