Preparatory Process

    What is the selection process of local actions?

    One of the important activities of the preparatory process of the Forum is to collect significant examples of local actions that (1) have been proven to solve problems and strengthen local action and (2) have a potential to be duplicated and reinforced.

    The term “local” can have different meanings according to the issues or problems to be addressed. In the preparatory process, use will be made of the subsidiarity principle: problems should be solved at the lowest appropriate level. This lowest appropriate level depends not only on the issue, but also on the prevailing social & political context and on the human resources and capacities available.

    Organisations involved in the preparation of the Forum and supported by the Secretariat of the Forum are in charge of selecting these local actions. Descriptions and analysis of these actions will be prepared with the support of the Secretariat of the Forum. Particular attention will be given to the specificities of the contexts in which these actions have been implemented and to their potential to be scaled up and duplicated in other contexts. The relationships between local and national levels will also be given proper attention. A resulting portfolio of local actions will be brought to the Forum for presentation to donors.

    How can the Secretariat of the Forum help you to get involved in the Preparatory Process of the Forum?

    The Secretariat of the Forum is available to help and facilitate the preparatory process in your region. In particular, the following activities can be provided:

    • Participation in the organisation of regional meetings and follow-up: the web site of the 4th Forum provides information on guiding and monitoring the meetings being organised in the region. Information on the outcomes of the various meetings organised in preparation for the Forum is made available and Virtual Forum discussions on these outcomes can be organised. In addition, if requested, some networking activities can be initiated by the Secretariat
    • Attending the meetings and acting as a facilitator: representatives of the Secretariat can participate in the major regional meetings. They can be utilised to present the Forum, the regional processes and approaches and to facilitate the debates.
    • Participating in communication activities: communication activities can be organised in relation with the major meetings of the region. In particular, regional press releases to raise awareness on the issues being discussed can be prepared and disseminated. In some regions of the world, the Secretariat and the World Water Council are also implementing a media training programme aimed at training journalists on water issues at the regional level. Training sessions are intended to be organised back to back with the most important regional meetings, allowing participating journalists to report on the meetings and their outcomes.
    • Contributing to fundraising to implement regional processes: the Secretariat of the Forum is in regular contact with donors and can work with you to bring the water issues of your region to their attention.

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