It was in the same venue as the 7th World Water Forum in Daegu, Republic of South Korea, that, today, the 4th Korea International Water Week (KIWW) provided an opportunity to review the important progress that has been made on the international water agenda since 2015. Carrying the theme “Sustainable Water Management for Humans and Nature”, WWC President Loïc Fauchon applauded the organizers for bringing into the spotlight the need for this essential balance. 
    The KIWW was inaugurated with a strong political presence from the Minister of Environment of Korea, as well as Ministers from Senegal, Algeria and Sri Lanka, the Mayor of Daegu, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and other esteemed participants. Indeed, as WWC President Fauchon recalled in his keynote speech, “Water is politics.” This was further emphasized by a meeting of the Water Leaders Roundtable which gathered over 30 high-level politicians and decision-makers from around the world to continue to strive together towards overcoming today’s water challenges.
    In his keynote speech entitled “Digital water for humans and nature”, President Fauchon emphasized that instead of a digital divide, technology must serve humankind. While warning against uncontrolled and autonomous authority running amok, he also underlined that technology should be leveraged to bring citizens closer to decision-making processes.
    The conference program, which runs from 4 to 7 September, is articulated around practical applications in four areas: Implementation of Solutions; Global Leadership for SDGs; Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building; and Economic and Social Value Creation. Many World Water Council Governors are participating in the conversations, including Y. Filali Meknassi, H. Lee, J. Lee, Y. Lee, H. Park, A. Saatçi, P. Salles, E. Tardieu, and many other WWC members. As the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly said during the Opening Ceremony, “Let’s put our heads together to solve water challenges.”