7th Forum at the Asia Pacific Water Summit

    “For us to connect to high-level decision-makers and influence the global water agenda we must keep track of realities and keep promoting innovative solutions,” said Dr. Zhanyi Gao, representing World Water Council President Benedito Braga at the 2nd Asia Pacific Water Summit. It was at the opening of the technical workshop dedicated to the 7th World Water Forum that Dr. Gao delivered the President’s message last Friday. The Co-chair of the International Steering Committee of the 7th Forum Prof. Soontak Lee and the Chair of the National Committee Mr. Jung-Moo Lee were also present and recalled the need for leadership for water in the Asia-Pacific region. “The Asia-Pacific Water Summit will be instrumental in generating regional commitments,” Dr. Gao added and invited the international water community to contribute to the 7th World Water Forum and its processes. In an address on the last day of the summit, Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Hong-won Chung, also mentioned the 7th World Water Forum as providing a major opportunity towards the implementation of water commitments. During the workshop entitled “Major steps for the future of water in the Asia-Pacific Region” other participants such as Council Governor Bert Diphoorn, shared their experiences on the organization of the previous editions of World Water Forum. Participants were also informed of the outcomes of the 7th World Water Forum Kick-off Meeting that was held 14-15 May in Daegu-Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea, and the roadmap for the Forum preparatory processes. Additional information was distributed to participants on the 7th World Water Forum stand in the Expo Area. The 4-day summit and related events came to a close on Monday in the presence of 9 Heads of State and Government and 18 Ministerial-level representatives and was placed under the theme “Water Security and Water-related Disaster Challenges: Leadership and Commitment.” The Chiang Mai Declaration and summaries of the focus area sessions can be found here.