WWC President speaks on water and energy at World Bank-International Monetary Fund Annual Meeting

    Washington DC, 10 October 2014 – “Wind, solar and hydropower are three renewables that have to go hand in hand,” said World Water Council President Benedito Braga at a panel during the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s Annual Meeting, which opened this morning in Washington DC. “Rising to the Renewable Energy Challenge – Tapping the Potential and Doing it Right” was opened by Jim Yong Kim , World Bank Group President, and included high-level panelists such as Ram Sharan Mahat, Finance Minister of Nepal. It was moderated by the US Industry and Energy Editor of the Financial Times, Ed Crooks. Among other topics, the participants discussed hydropower which is the most important contributor in renewable energies. “Hydropower is more acceptable than before. Benefits are shared with local populations and reservoirs can be used for other purposes, such as for irrigation and flood control.” President Braga said, adding that the hydropower construction had evolved over the past 20 years.
    Water and energy are inter-dependent and, therefore, are both necessary for supporting development and eradicating poverty in the coming decades, as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals to be negotiated by UN Member States in the coming year.  Within a changing climate context, hydropower offers adaptive solutions to protect populations and respond to the growing needs of societies across sectors and continents. Live broadcast of the event For more information on the event Related links World Water Council Water and Energy program