The World Water Forum to your country in 2024

    Today water is high on the global agenda as an issue of the utmost importance to national security, economic and social development, peace and environmental sustainability.
    Since 1996, the World Water Council plays a central role in making water a global priority, by raising and maintaining the profile of water in the global debate, in part, through the organization of the World Water Forum. Held every three years, the World Water Forum is the largest global water event that brings together the international community to share experiences, exchange ideas, and find solutions to the world’s critical water challenges. In March 2018, the 8th World Water Forum brought together more than 100,000 participants and visitors combined.

    The World Water Council has just launched a call for initial expressions of interest from all nations to organize the 10th World Water Forum in March 2024. Preparing for such a large event requires long-term planning and preparation, and therefore, initial expressions of interest must be received by 23 November 2018.

    For more information contact the World Water Council Secretariat in Marseille.
    Download the call here
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