World Water Council granted UNFCCC observer status

    25 January 2017

    The World Water Council has been officially granted observer status to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) during the 22nd Conference of Parties (CoP). This new status will enable the Council to engage more substantially with the climate negotiation processes and strengthen its efforts in raising visibility for water within the climate debate. 
    Ever since the formulation of the World Water Vision in 1998–2000, climate change has been a pivotal issue for the Council, as manifested through the launch of many multi-stakeholder dialogues and publications in particular since CoP15. Thanks to a close partnership with the French and Moroccan Governments, the Council co-facilitated the first ever Water Action Day as part of the Global Climate Action Agenda during CoP22 last November in Morocco.
    In addition, the Council, in collaboration with CONAGUA and ANEAS, recently released a publication that highlights the role that both infrastructure and governance play in the context of resilience and adaptation to climate variability and change. The Council has also been coordinating the #ClimateIsWater Initiative which brings together water stakeholders to speak with one voice to achieve better consideration of water within climate dialogues.

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