World Environment Forum

    21 June 2013, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. The President of the World Water Council, Ben Braga, delivered a presentation during the World Environment Forum on the global water crisis. The Forum focused on global issues related to water for environmental conservation.   The event gathered 400 participants including business and political leaders and academics. The concepts of sustainability were discussed as a means to ensure the protection of natural environments and encourage new forms of partnership to secure water for multiple uses. The assignment of economic value to water-related ecosystems was one of the major issues addressed for incentivizing land and water management practices in order to maximize ecosystem services and benefit to downstream users. President Braga emphasized the need to make water a source of cooperation among riparian countries to share benefits as global changes modify water availability and consumption patterns. The need to increase water storage was also highlighted as a tool for growth and development. The President’s presentation was followed by a debate gathering Fabio Scarano, Vice-President of Conservation International and Sergio Leitao, Director of Public policies for Greenpeace Brazil.