Water demands political answers: "Water is Politics"

    Water demands political answers, whether it is about droughts or flooding. 

    Now, "STOP IGNORING WATER" is what Loïc Fauchon, reelected this Sunday 11th of December, asked political leaders and economic and social decision-makers of the World. 


    Back from Indonesia where he exchanged with the President of the Republic Joko Widodo to bring messages of water before the G20 meeting, Loïc Fauchon declared in front of 180 representatives from more than 50 countries

    "The Water situation in the World is still very fragile, and this difficulty is more intense when there is a responsability of sharing water for Humans and Nature" indicated Loïc Fauchon

    The board of Governors will be in charge of implementing a strategy oriented towards Water Security and Sanitation for all, new ressources, new unconventional water resources, the links between water, energy, health, food and education, as well as the prevention of water-related disasters. 

    This work will be integrated in the preparation of the 10th World Water Forum which will be held in 2024 in Bali, with the help of the Indonesian government.


    The World Water Council gathers a multitude of member organizations mobilized for the Water cause implication the United Nations agencies, the World Bank, governments, NGOs, public and private companies and academics. They are a real melting pot of unique knowledge and skills that contribute to elaborate water policies.  Fortified by their experiences and skills, the principal mission of the Council is to bring concrete answers to water issues around the world.

    To assist the implication of this strategy, Loïc Fauchon named Eric Tardieu, Secretary General of the International Network Of Basin Organizations, as Vice President.