Voices of the Forum

    Daily synthesis of the Forum

    You will find here the main messages that were delivered through the Voices of the Forum on a daily basis, which reflect participant’s views and conclusions as well as lessons learnt and recommendations for action. They are sorted out according to the main themes and cross-cutting issues, which structured the programme of the Forum.

    This process comes directly from the participants, that have been asked their views and messages, lessons learnt, and recommendations for action through the "Voices of the Forum" questionnaires. A group representative of the participants (i.e. regions, major groups, beacons, conveners of the sessions...) reported and synthetised these outcomes.

    This representative group will make choices to emphasise Voices among all the Voices of the Forum and extract the messages of the day. You can add your Voice every day to refine these messages.

    March 17 - Water for Growth and Development

    March 18 - Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management

    March 19 - Water Supply and Sanitation for All

    March 20 - Water Management for Food and the Environment

    March 21 - Risk Management