Synthesis and Final Report

    Upon returning from Mexico, many Forum participants may have been confronted by countless questions from their colleagues, acquaintances and journalists in their home countries about the 4th edition of the largest worldwide water gathering: What was it like to come together for an entire week under one roof with 20,000 other active people in the water world? What results can be expected from this event? Finally, what progress was made? The answers to these questions can be found in two new publications available online: the Synthesis and Final Report.


    The Secretariat of the 4th World Water Forum and the World Water Council have jointly synthesised the main debates and exchanges that took place throughout nearly 400 sessions and side-events, culminating in the production of a 130-page document. The Synthesis Report invokes each theme and cross-cutting perspective that formed the core structure of the Forum, to which were also added the emerging topics of the Right to Water and the involvement of Local Authorities and Parliamentarians.  Each chapter provides an image of recent tendencies and a concise summary of main messages and key recommendations. 


    Through this publication, the Forum’s co-organizers hope to facilitate the follow-up process and monitor implementation of commitments launched at the Forum, such as announcements that were made or partnerships that were formed, providing continuity between similar events.

    Click here to access the Synthesis Report.


    The Final Report of the 4th World Water Forum, which is more a compilation of what happened at the Forum, may also be downloaded. In the Final Report, all the Forum’s components are presented, including detailed descriptions of every session presented, summaries of each day’s outcomes, a review of activities in which various groups were involved, a presentation of the Water Fair and Expo, all punctuated by many attractive photos of participants and events.

    Click here to access the Final Report.





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