Success for the 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting


    The 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting of the 10th World Water Forum was successfully held in Bali, Indonesia on 12–13 October 2023. Agreements and proposals were produced and will be finalized at the 10th World Water Forum in 2024.

    The meeting has brought 1,094 stakeholders from 73 countries consisting of heads of state, central government, local authorities, parliament, organizations and communities.

    The 2nd Stakeholders was about developing Forum Processes with an in-depth discussion of process working groups.

    • Political Process: Developing a concept and roadmap for each segment and discuss strong commitment with expected deliverables from each segment
    • Regional Process: Discussing and developing Sub-regional and regional concepts with practical cases and local issues, which will be tentative session topics during the Forum by having regional breakout sessions
    • Thematic Process: Developing a concept of Topics and Sub-themes with detailed issues to discuss tentative session topics based on discussion within the respective working group by having breakout sessions


    The Forum political stakeholders, led by the Forum Co-hosts, the World Water Council, and the Indonesian government, discussed essential Framework and expected deliverables of the Five segments of the Political Process by organizing Political Dialogue on the second day of the 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting.

    During this dialogue, participants of the meeting highlighted strong political commitments as deliverables of the different segments that will be promoted by interlinkage between Thematic and Regional Processes underpinning the Forum substance with diverse multi-stakeholders.

    In addition, the stakeholders recognized the important global water agenda and milestones of the water community and agreed that the Political Process is to reaffirm the importance of inclusiveness of the actors and concrete discussion results and follow-ups of the political actors on local, regional, and global water priorities.


    During the 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting, the Regional Process Coordinating organizations were recognized and committed themselves to having a signing ceremony of the Letters of Intent with the Forum co-hosts. (Signed Parties- Asia Pacific: Asia Pacific Water Forum, Asia Water Council, Africa: African Ministers’ Council on Water, Americas: Inter-American Development Bank, Mediterranean: Mediterranean Water Institute)

    During the Regional Process Breakout session on the 2nd day, each of four region and sub-regional groups worked together on the Regional Thematic Priorities upon each regional water challenges and imminent issues to be dealt within the Forum framework. Each Region made a maximum of ten regional water priorities and provided the tentative titles of the regional sessions to be discussed with sub-regional stakeholders to confirm after the 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting.

    Each region also made brief messages to the political process from the perspective concerning the local and regional water priorities. The results of the discussion have been shared during the plenary session for interlinking the processes.


    Thematic Process working groups and multi-stakeholders who newly participated in the Thematic Process had an in-depth discussion on the finalization of the description of the Sub-theme and Topics that have been developed by the working groups so far since the working group has been organized. 

    Moreover, each sub-theme and topic was elaborated with the prioritized session topics (Max. 15 sessions per Sub-theme) to be discussed during the Forum period. Cross-cutting priorities between topics and Sub-themes, as well as other processes, were suggested by each group. 

    Thematic messages suggested to be considered in the Political Process were discussed and shared during the Plenary session to realize the first step of the interaction between the pillars of the Forum processes. Each Sub-theme coordinator will finalize the session topics and cross-cutting topics based on agreement with the working group members and the Thematic Process commission.


    The Bali Youth Plan gained shape and structure during the 2nd stakeholder's consultation meeting in Bali, with its working group holding an official youth session on the second day of the consultation meeting. The youth session discussed the objectives, milestones, and activities that youth could look forward to, to be a part of the 10th world water forum. 

    The Youth are considered as equal stakeholders, and will be participating in thematic, regional, and political process of the forum as active stakeholders. In the run up to the 10th world water forum, communication pertaining to participation in the processes, and activities of the forum will be disseminated through the 26-member working group, which has been setup under the Bali Youth Plan by the parameter of geographical balance. 

    The youth will also be given an opportunity to participate in activities that reward them with a fully sponsored ticket and registration to the 10th world water forum in May 2024.