Official visit of Charafat Afailal El Yedri, Moroccan Minister in charge of water

    06 June 2014

    This meeting was to work on the preparation of the 7th World Water Forum, and particularly on the international roll-out of the King Hassan II Great World Water Prize, one of the world's highest distinctions in the water sector. This Prize rewards excellence in “Cooperation and sound management in the development and use of water resources” and the 2015 edition focusses on “Innovation for access to Water and Energy”. The winner will be granted a US$100,000 award (approx. 75 000 €).
    “I am honored to be at the World Water Council today in Marseille with president Benedito Braga, in the framework of the preparation of the 7th World Water Forum, to set up and deploy together at global level the King Hassan II Great World Water Prize. This Prize reveals the experience of the Kingdom of Morocco in the water sector, and particularly regarding dams and reservoirs policy. It also honors the strategic vision of his Majesty King Hassan II of Morocco in terms of protection and sustainable management of water resources.
    Together with the Council, through this Prize, we wish to promote outstanding contributions, may they be scientific or why not political, in the field of water management, development and use of water resources” says Mrs Charafat Afailal El Yedri. “Beyond this meeting, I am pleased to welcome again president Braga in October in Morocco, in order to inspire the youth.”
    “More than historical, the links between the World Water Council and the Kingdom of Morocco are deep and special. Our very first World Water Forum was indeed in Marrakech in 1997. It was not only the start of a fabulous adventure but also the place, with the Declaration of Marrakech, where the Council received the mandate to develop the World Water Vision for Life and Environment for the 21st Century,” says Mr. Braga, president of the World Water Council. “ highly appreciating the outstanding and renewed commitment of the Kingdom of Morocco, I am honored to have the Grand Prize at the Opening Ceremony  of next World Water Forum in Daegu, 12 April 2015.”

    About King Hassan II Great World Water Prize