The OECD Water Governance Initiative

    Zaragoza, Spain

    The OECD Water Governance Initiative is an international multi-stakeholder network of members from the public, private and non-for-profit sectors gathering regularly to share good practices in support of better governance in the water sector.


    • Provides a multi-stakeholder technical platform to share knowledge, experience and best practices on water governance across levels of government.

    • Advises governments in taking the needed steps for effective water reforms through peer-to-peer dialogue and stakeholder engagement across public, private and non-profit sectors.

    • Provides a consultation mechanism to raise the profile of governance in the Global Water Agenda.

    • Supports the implementation of the OECD Principles on Water Governance in interested member and non-member countries, basins and cities by scaling up best practices and developing indicators.

    • Fosters continuity on governance discussions at global level, in particular by supporting Governance discussions within the World Water Forums.

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    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)