Nomination Process

    How to apply


    All candidatures must be submitted using the registration form available online.

    Candidates must be nominated by two persons and/or organizations active in the water resource sector.

    The following documents must be attached to the form:

    Two nomination letters completed and signed by the candidate's sponsors.
    A curriculum vitae of maximum 5 pages.

    Any additional document may be submitted and will be considered at the final selection stage by the Panel of Judges.

    The candidate may not have been involved in recent competition for other water-related prizes, and is not allowed to propose the same work as for another prize.

    Applications for the 2018 King Hassan II Great World Water Prize may be submitted at any time until 31 December 2017.

    The online form and the documents to be supplied may be completed in either English or French.


    Who can apply ?


    The Prize may be awarded to either an individual, a group of individuals, an institution or an organization recognized by the Jury members as having a major contribution in the furtherance of solidarity and inclusion towards greater water security and climate justice. The contribution may be scientific, economic, technical, environmental, social, institutional, cultural or political.

    The evaluation of the application will be based on the following selection criteria:

    The King Hassan II Great World Water Prize rewards the candidate's excellency and distinguished achievements in the fields relating to the specific theme of the Prize.
    Such excellency can assume the form of either an enduring work or the performance of an outstanding one-off achievement.

    No preference will be given to the candidate's nationality, sex, language, profession or religion.


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