Loic Fauchon’s Speech at the 6th UN Special Thematic Session on Water and Disasters - New-York

    During his speech, Loic Fauchon emphasized the need for water security and concrete actions.

    But today, I would like to underline that one of the main consequences from water related disasters, be it floods or droughts, is a major global food crisis to come. It is an emergency challenge: water for food is missing ! […]
    This brings me to make two recommendations : 
    The first concerns the relationship between urban and rural. We advocate for smart rural areas and for rural vitality, as opposed to what urban world dictates. It is also a priority to mitigate the disasters of migration.
    The second recommendation concerns water conservation. We have an immense need for new water reserves. The concept of dams must evolve. It is no longer a question of blocking the flow of water.
    We need new types of reservoirs, which we call “aquatic reserves”. They are made to protect biodiversity to foster human progress, harmony of life, and protection of fauna and flora.

    Download the speach below.