New initiatives & special events


    • The 2nd edition of the UN World Water Development Report (WWDR) was launched. More information.
    • The new UN Water Actions and Networking Database was presented. More information.
    • Ministers from the Asia-Pacific region established the Asia-Pacific Water Forum. More information.
    • Transparency International launched Water Integrity Network. More information.
    • The WWC announced the launch of the "Water for Schools" initiative aiming to provide access to water for 1,000 schools in 10 countries and create training schools for high-level technicians.
    • Two major reports were released by the WWC and its partners: The right to water: from concept to implementation and the report of the Task Force on Financing Water for All, Enhancing access to finance for local governments and financing water for agriculture.

    Special Events

    • The 2nd King Hassan II Great World Water Prize was awarded to Torkil Jonch-Clausen, from Denmark. More information.
    • The laureate of the 1st Kyoto World Water Grand Prize was the NGO Gran Vikas, from India. More information.
    • The 1st Water and Film Encounter