Latin American Caribbean focus on Water & Food Security - 29 August 2012

    Ever since the introduction of the water footprint concept in 2002, the world has become more aware of how water crosses all levels of manufacturing. Dealing with and solving water problems such as ineffective use, climate change adaptation, and ecosystem service appraisal are also ways to help achieve agricultural sustainability. Hence, an adequate use and management of water translates into a more productive, healthier food sector. This year, the Latin American and Caribbean Focus Day will concentrate on opening a space to every stakeholder: from small farmers to transnational companies; from universities to large scale NGOs; from ministries to intergovernmental organizations, everyone gets a say on this year’s debate. Join our search for solutions and leave with new ideas that could make a difference at home. Be a part of the Latin American and Caribbean focus on water and food security. It is held during the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm, and is coordinated for the fourth time by four members of the WWC: CONAGUA, the FEMSA Foundation, Water Center for Latin America and the Caribbean, and TNC Visit the website