Kyoto World Water Grand Prize: The winner revealed

    Established by the city of Kyoto during the 3rd World Water Forum in 2003 and awarded every three years since then, the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize, jointly organized by the Japan Water Forum and the World Water Council, rewards grass-roots organizations that bring concrete solutions to water-related issues in developing countries.


    For its 5th edition, the Prize received 50 applications from 23 different countries. In keeping with the Kyoto tradition of "harmony between tradition and innovation", this year, the jury was particularly focused on rewarding sustainable practices that respect the community and its cultural habits.

    Pragati Koraput, which helps farmers in the semi-arid region of Odisha in Eastern India, was selected this year. The organization, which uses solar energy to pump water and irrigate crops, is being awarded for its initiative to solve a water issue while limiting its environmental impact.

    The winner, who will be officially awarded at the closing ceremony of the 9th World Water Forum in Dakar in March, will receive JPY 2,000,000 (about USD 18,000).


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