International conference on water, environment and climate change

    Alexandria, Egypt

    The International Conference on Water, Environment and Climate Change aims at addressing, discussing and delivering implementable solutions to address the current challenges of bridging the gap between government policy makers and providers of science and solutions with innovative ideas and new visions to help resolve the challenges facing us in the area of water, environment and climate change.

    The conference will include representatives from the public and private sectors, research, academia, civil society and governments to discuss many topics related to climate change, including scientific studies, adaptation, mitigation, increased ownership and transparency in the 2030 agenda, climate goals, partnerships, and security. It will also focus on the need for leaders to innovate in different but interlinked dimensions of water, climate change and environmental management. The active engagement of the public and private sector can contribute most effectively through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and can deliver very significant improvements.

    Global institute for Water Environment and Health - GIWEH