Global changes


    Population growth, climate change, and inadequate management of water and land resources are jeopardizing the sustainable development of the planet. 

    Through various strategic actions, the World Water Council contributes to the ability of people to adapt to global change by promoting global exchange and dialogue.

    Strategic actions

    • Helping people adapt to global change.
    • Build partnerships to strengthen community resilience 
    • Promote more efficient use of natural resources. 
    • Raise awareness of the interdependence between water, health, environment and security in all its dimensions.
    • Maintain the visibility of water and climate on different platforms.


    Integrated water resource management

    The Council encourages the development of innovative policies that support integrated water resources management.
    The World Water Council is currently considering a systemic approach that takes into account the links between food, energy, health, education, water quality and the circular economy, in particular the reuse of wastewater.

    Strategic actions

    • Change concepts and implementation of water management 
    • Promote the implementation of sound and sustainable water management policies 
    • Draw attention to the need to manage water resources as an integral part of social and economic development