Financing Water Infrastructure

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    Since the Camdessus Panel Report in 2003, the World Water Council has continually identified finance and broader economic issues within its working priorities. 

    Most recently, the World Water Council and the Organisation for Co-operation and Economic Development (OECD) created the High-Level Panel on Infrastructure Financing for a Water-Secure World. This collaboration yielded the report “Water: Fit to Finance?” launched during a High-Level Panel session at the 7th World Water Forum, in which seven proposals for action were identified. Both partners have expressed the desire to continue to work together on this important agenda, in association with other organizations. To further that aim, the OECD-WWC-Netherlands Roundtable on Financing Water was created. The group will facilitate dialogue between water and finance communities (broadly interpreted) on how to overcome the global challenges of financing the investments needed for water security and sustainable economic growth and water’s contribution to the wider set of Sustainable Development Goals.

    Actions and projected outputs in the 2016–2018 Strategic Plan

    Strategic actions

    • Work with partners to maintain the profile of water in relation to the economy, finance and investment
    • Develop, with partners, platforms to engage the business and investment community
    • Undertake, with key partners, targeted analyses to identify the barriers to finance flows towards the water sector

    Main outputs

    • Report on the barriers to finance flows towards the water sector and pathways forward
    • Roundtable on Financing Water meetings