Financing Water

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    Based on a long history of work on financing issues ever since 2003 with the Camdessus Report, the World Water Council is committed to pursuing its work in this domain with its members and partners. 

    Economic development, finance, investment, and valuing continue to be issues that are of keen interest to political audiences at all levels, but the stark reality is that we are still not investing enough in the water sector, and that must change. 

    Under the leadership of the Latin-American Development Bank – CAF, the Task Force on Financing Water will strive to overcome barriers to finance flows for water through a series of publications based on the Council’s previous work. The analytical work will include topics such as blended finance, nature-based solutions and enabling environment, which may also contribute to the Forum of Dakar on the issue of financing.

    The World Water Council is still committed to help find concrete solutions to water investments issues and will pursue its efforts to bring the water community and financiers together through continued work with OECD, the Government of The Netherlands and the World Bank on the Roundtable on Financing Water.

    Strategic actions

    • Work with partners to maintain the profile of water in relation to the economy, finance and investment
    • Develop, with partners, platforms to engage the business and investment community
    • Undertake, with key partners, targeted analyses to identify the barriers to finance flows towards the water sector