Council pursues collaboration with Korean partners

    On the occasion of World Water Week, the World Water Council signed two agreements extending collaboration with its Korean partners. The agreements were signed just after a special session that was convened by the World Water Council and the 7th World Water Forum secretariat to present the major outcomes of the 7th World Water Forum. A first agreement was signed between the World Water Council and K-Water on the important role technology and big data can play in smart water management. This initiative builds on the work presented by K-Water during the 7th World Water Forum aiming to provide technologically savvy solutions to global water challenges while contributing to sustainable growth. The agreement establishes a framework for the development of a joint research program on the policies, tools, technologies and actions that will be required to meet future challenges. The results of the 3-year program, which aims to serve as a leading example, will be presented at the 8th World Water Forum. 
    The second MoU was signed with Korea Water Forum on the means of keeping up the momentum following the 7th World Water Forum through the Implementation Roadmaps and their related Action Monitoring System. 
    The objectives of the MoU include jointly supporting progress on the Implementation Roadmaps as the key vehicles for monitoring and reporting on commitments made at the 7th Forum and serve to guide collective action in between different editions of the World Water Forum. 
    In the agreement, the parties agree to cooperate on coordinated activities running from August 2015 all the way to the 8th World Water Forum in March 2018. Annual review meetings held by the Korea Water Forum will be organized to follow up on progress with the Champion organizations.
    The Implementation Roadmaps and associated Action Monitoring System platform are one of the major outcomes of the 7th World Water Forum which culminated in the signature of the Daegu Gyeongbuk Implementation Commitment on the closing day of the Forum. More on the Major Outcomes of the 7th World Water Forum