Clear Partnership Increases Water Use Efficiency

    Water is a major prerequisite as well as an important driver of green growth. However, in many places water leakages and waste are huge challenges and impediments for sustainable growth. “Why do we not see more performance-based contracts in the water sector?” was the question to the speakers in the session on financing urban water leakage solutions at the 3rd Global Green Growth Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark. “To make a partnership a success, the roles of every stakeholder must be clearly defined. In general, successful PPP’s happen when risks and responsibilities are clearly defined among the involved actors,” the World Water Council President told the high-level audience including Ida Auken, Minister of the Environment, Denmark and Pham Van Thao, Member of the Board of Management, Hanoi Water Supply Company and Jonathan Taylor, Vice-President, European Investment Bank. The President also participated in the plenary session on “Sustainable Food Production: Doing more and better with less” where he spoke about best practices and gave several examples of successful water and agricultural programs that have managed to reduce inefficient irrigation systems. The 3rd Global Green Growth Forum took place on October 21-22 and is hosted by the Danish Government in partnership with the governments of China, Kenya, Korea, Mexico and Qatar.