Bridging Water and Climate

    The World Water Council together with the Stockholm International Water Institute and The Alliance for Global Water Adaptation are co-organizing a High-Level Panel on “Bridging Water and Climate”, which will take place on Monday 19 March at 14:30. The event will discuss how the role of water and its ability to mitigate and adapt to climate change effects can be better acknowledged within official global frameworks and processes. Specifically, water is still not officially recognized as an essential theme in the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement or within the official UNFCCC negotiations. Nevertheless, over 90% of countries, through their Nationally Determined Contributions, acknowledge water in their commitments, stressing the significance of water and the need for it to be systematically and strategically addressed. 

    The High Level Panel will bring together government representatives, national UNFCCC negotiators and the water and climate communities in the aim to share and discuss potential ways to recognize the role of water in connection to climate negotiations as we move towards UNFCCC COP 24 and agree on concrete forward-looking approaches. To support further progress, the panel aspires to put in place a technical working group, which will be instrumental in identifying the main bottlenecks and proposing viable solutions. 

    In addition #ClimateIsWater will be active at the World Water Forum.