agenda : 8th World Water Forum

    Ulisses Guimarães Convention Center and the National Stadium in Brasilia, Brazil

    The World Water Forum is the world’s biggest water-related event and is organized by the World Water Council. Its mission is “to promote awareness, build political commitment and trigger action on critical water issues at all levels, to facilitate the efficient conservation, protection, development, planning, management and use of water in all its dimensions on an environmentally sustainable basis for the benefit of all life

    agenda : 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting

    8th World Water Forum secretariat, World Water Council

    The 8th World Water Forum’s 2nd Stakeholders Consultation Meeting will be held 26-27 April, at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, Brasília. The preparatory meeting takes place just under one year before the Forum event and will be articulated around the Forum’s central and transversal themes with a view to shaping the Forums preliminary program. More than 700 participants are expected to attend the 2nd Stakeholders Consultation Meeting as representatives of several sectors, such as: governments, enterprises, financial institutions, universities and NGOs. During the event, participants...