3rd International Conference on Water and Climate

    The main theme of the 3rd International Conference on Water and Climate will be "Basin management, key to adaptation and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals". It will be held in Fez, Morocco, on 6 and 7 july 2023 at the invitation of the Moroccan authorities and in partnership with:

    This event will ensure the link between the United Nations Conference on Water (22-24 March 2023) and the COP28 on climate (30 Nov. - 12 December).

    The conference will be open to State representatives, UN agencies, international organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, basin organizations (national and transboundary), regional and local authorities and other stakeholders interested in basin management.


    • Session 1 : Innovation and Technologies for Water Saving
    • Session 2 : Groundwater Management: Challenges and Prospects
    • Session 3 : Water Governance: For a Better Intersectoral Coherence
    • Session 4 : Water Resources Mobilization : How to take into account the real cost of water?
    • Session 5 : Commitments by and for basins for the implementation of the Water Action Agenda 2030