[2/3] HIGHLIGHTS WWF : The task forces’conclusions

    Over the five days of the Forum, 92 thematic sessions were presented (out of 216 in total), thanks to the work of more than 700 organizations around the world.

    Teresa Liguori, WWC general manager of the Forum

    I particularly appreciated the complicity between the members of the secretariat and the great involvement of all participants in the process of developing the content. It was a long process and some people changed positions within their organizations along the way, but they asked to remain involved, which I found beautiful. Also, the conclusions of the working groups were included in the political process: The Dakar declaration has taken up all the thematic aspects, which is definitely a source of satisfaction. We can now look forward to the UN conference in 2023.


    Mariem Khemiri, project officer for the World Water Council

    “It takes a village”

    The World Water Forum has been such an adventure. For more than 4 years, around 700 organizations have been involved in the preparation of this important event.
    It is undeniable that the success of this Forum, and in particular the thematic process, is due to the commitment and relentless efforts of all the people involved in the different working groups, and the beautiful complicity that emerged between the two parts of the secretariat. Indeed, despite challenges, the work and dedication of all have remained constant. All the key actions, messages, initiatives, and projects that were produced by the groups have immensely contributed to provide quality content to all sessions throughout the week. Ultimately, this is where the strength of the Forum lies: In the multi-stakeholder process, where all perspectives are discussed and represented, regardless of the size of the organization, the region, or the language.
    Without the collective work, the Forum would definitely not have been the same. As our Senegalese would say “We are together”.

    Nio far!