10th World Water Forum, Global Commitment to Water Security: A Triumph for International Cooperation

    Over the past two days, representatives from over 100 nations and states have come together to forge a common declaration on water commitments. This momentous achievement, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the World Water Council members and the Indonesian governement, marks a significant victory for  hydrodiplomacy.

    The 10th World Water Forum, held in Bali, witnessed active participation from Excellencies, Ministers, Heads of Delegations, and representatives of international organizations and civil society. Their collaborative dialogue laid the foundation for a joint declaration themed "Water for Shared Prosperity."

    As emphasized during the Forum's opening, our planet's fragility underscores the critical importance of water for both our survival and our solutions. The collective goal is to end the exploitation of water resources and ensure equitable distribution.

    Key subjects highlighted in the declaration include:

    1. Water Security: Recognized as an absolute necessity for survival.
    2. Interconnection Commitment: Linking water with energy, food security, nutrition, poverty eradication, and migration, acknowledging its indispensable role for human and nature development.
    3. Disaster Prevention and Risk Reduction: Strengthening early-warning systems and governance.
    4. Transboundary Cooperation: Encouraging collaboration across borders.
    5. Leveraging Networks and Partnerships: Promoting the long-term implementation of the declaration through networks formed during the Forum.

    This significant progress is a testament to the hard work of the World Water Council and its members. While much has been accomplished, the journey towards sustainable water management continues. As stated during the opening session, water has transcended politics to become a matter of hydro-diplomacy.

    To maintain momentum, continuous involvement and effective cooperation are essential. For a deeper understanding of the commitments and plans, you can read the full declaration.

    Together, we can ensure a future where water is equitably shared and sustainably managed for all.