Strategic plan

    Via numerous on-line meetings and exchanging hundreds of emails, the World Water Council’s members not only created 3 new task forces in 2021, but also found the energy to achieve two publications, to be officially launched later, during the 9th World Water Forum.
    The aim of these 7 task forces: to deepen knowledge and encourage interactions around key thematic issues, while carefully considering social, environmental, and economic dimensions of sustainability.
    As the 9th World Water Forum was getting closer, the members of the different task forces spent part of the year preparing the special sessions and high level panels to present during the event.


    Our Task forces

    The World Water Council has created 5 Task Forces to deploy its strategic plan:


    Global_changes2   Water security2   Financing_water2 



    Covid 19 and resilience    Observatory on non-conventional water resources & associated renewable energies    GIRE UK2