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    Members are the heart of the World Water Council. They help build the Council's strategy and shape its programs by taking an active part in its various working bodies.

    All members enjoy the same rights, benefits, and equal vote in strategic decisions. They play an essential role both in its governance and its endeavours. Between two General Assemblies, members are represented by 36 Governors, who oversee the general operations of the Council.

    By becoming a member, you can:


    Membership colleges

    To ensure a balanced representation of the various stakeholders within the governing body of the Council, members are classified into five different colleges. Each college is guaranteed with a minimum number of four seats on the Board of Governors, who oversee the general operations of the Council.

    • College 1: Intergovernmental organisations
    • College 2: Governments and government promoted organisations
    • College 3: Commercial organisations
    • College 4: Civil society organisations 
    • College 5: Professional and academic organisations

    Fees are calculated according to the type of college, the annual budget of the organisation and the GDP of the country (for Governments and Government Authorities). This enables organisations with low income to become Council members and ensure that their voices are also heard. More about membership fees.


    Who are our members?

    Our members represent multiple sectors, regions and disciplines from more than 60 countries spanning 5 continents.

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    Join a global network of stakeholders from all sectors, regions & disciplines to advance action on critical water issues.




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